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Versona Systems has architected a cloud centric, IoT tracking platform called rainVue. The rainVue software architecture is designed to be hardware agnostic and can therefore accommodate “best fit” technologies when engineering solutions for various use cases and environments. These “best fit” technologies come from the world-class vendors you know and trust like: Zebra, Honeywell, SATO, Omni-ID and many others

If you need a solution to track the movement of supplies, assets, and products across the globe and potentially within extremely challenging environments, the experts at Versona Systems can conduct a detailed RFID Feasibility Analysis that will show you exactly how RFID software, printers, readers, tags and integration capability can help you improve efficiency, reduce costs, and eliminate uncertainty.



Every RFID solution starts with RFID tags. We can work with you to determine the appropriate tag for any given application.



With our RFID printers, you can create whatever you need—from small item level hang tags; to case and pallet labels; to photographic quality RFID-enabled identity cards.


Antennas to maximize performance

With our complete portfolio of antennas, you can boost the performance of our RFID readers everywhere from the loading dock door to the point-of-sale.


RFID Readers

Whether you need hand-held (mobile) or fixed RFID readers, we’ve got a reader that is just right for your environment and business process.


Interactive Dashboards

See rich, interactive and meaningful dashboards about your assets.


Integration Tools

rainVue provides a set of integration tools to easily interact with your inventory system of record

Everything You Need To Track And Monitor Your Supply Chain

rainVue provides you enhanced asset/inventory visibility throughout your supply chain by enabling hands free scanning, at the item level, at multiple locations throughout your enterprise/supply chain.

Get The Data Needed To Increase Your Productivity

When utilized at shipping and receiving, automatically generated advanced shipment notices (ASN’s) can be configured to further streamline and audit supply chain data integration. This configurable platform helps companies to simultaneously increase productivity, decrease cost, and increase customer satisfaction.

With proper tuning and monitoring of system accuracy, you can expect results at or close to 100% accuracy. Rainvue’s utilities and reports will pinpoint how accurate your RFID scanning and tracking is, and where you may need to address any issues until you achieve your desired results.

- Ken Howery CEO - Versona Systems.

Using RFID to identify and track inventory through the supply chain is ideal because this technology allows for fast and easy real-time transfer of data stored on tags on a product or pallet. RFID tags can also transfer much more information than bar codes traditionally used for this purpose.

- Anonymous Supply Chain Manager.

With the correct integration and familiarity with RFID products, materials can be offloaded onto a truck, pass through a reader and be received into inventory in a matter of seconds.

- Jon Wood SCB Contributor.